Monday, July 16, 2018

Forbidden Love

This is another wonderful romance by Cheyenne Blue. I love the way her characters become real to the readers, and Viva and Gabriela became very real to me as I read this book. The author obviously did a great deal of research on the inner workings of pro tennis. She artfully infuses a beautiful romance inside the inner workings of pro tennis with a very unlikely pair of lovers. One brief moment changed everything, but none of it can be allowed to go any further because of who they are within the world of tennis.
If you love tennis, you will enjoy this book. If you know nothing about tennis, you will still enjoy this story.

Fun, Captivating and Memorable!

This is the perfect sequel to The Red Files. In this book we get to revisit all of our beloved characters, from our favorite Ice Queen, Catherine, to her loving partner, Lauren and some of the most memorable secondary characters I’ve read this year. I loved MeeMaw! I’ve met MeeMaw in real life, so I know there are MeeMaws out there just like Lee wrote. Ms. Winter is brilliant at creating and fleshing out her characters. They become real people that I’d love to sit and eat with. Lee has created a story that is intriguing, captivating, enjoyable and fun to read. You could read this book as a stand-alone, but you’d get more enjoyment out of it if you read The Red Files first — and I encourage you to get both.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Review of Love Bites

I loved this book, it was so funny. Humorous but serious. You not only saw things from the human perspective but also from the dog's viewpoint. There were sections that almost had me in tears both from laughter and from the angst that happens between the two main characters. This is an excellent author, who has written a very memorable story.
If this sounds like your cup of tea, you should absolutely pick up a copy!