Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Bit of Housecleaning

I've been doing a bit of housecleaning to both of my blogs. With Rainbow Reflections, I actually deleted quite a few posts from the past years that dealt with political elections and posts that I felt were no longer relevant. They were just cluttering up the blog and making it harder to find blog posts that might be more informative, so this blog has a much shorter list of posts now.

I've also changed the look of the blog and added a few new gadgets that weren't here before. Look for a few new things that might be added in the coming days also.

Life has changed a lot since the last time I posted my thoughts here. In the past year and a half, my partner and I moved the family to a small community in Northern Ontario for several different reasons. One was to be closer to my partner's parents. Another was to get away from the noise and pollution of the city. We now live out in the bush (Canadian for living in the country). We regularly see rabbits hopping through our yard and eagles. ravens, and hawks flying overhead looking for a good rabbit meal. On clear nights we see a million stars shining brightly in the sky because there are no city lights to dim their brightness. We can go for walks and see fox, wolf and lynx tracks in the snow and sometimes we can stand outside and listen to the coyotes howl in the distance. I do miss being able to walk to the nearest Tim Horton's for a cup of coffee. We can't do that since the nearest town is almost fifty miles away and we only go there once or twice a month for groceries and other needed items. I also really miss the friends we made down south, but the fresh air, clear skies, and country living are really wonderful.

We have also found many new and some old friends here, and we have been made to feel a part of the community by many. I think we made the right decision for our family to move here, even with the over four feet of snow we have in the yard now. ;) Just look at our front yard below.

I'll be posting more about our lives here in Northern Ontario in the next few weeks and months, so check back often to see how a blended family survives in the bush of Northern Ontario.

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